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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020

Studies for ESPA Programs

The firm undertakes the entire process from the beginning to the end for the submission of a file of proposed investment projects in Operational Programs actions. The process is as follows:
• A plan to record the needs of the business, operational and technological
• Possible participation scenarios and implications for potential participation

• Drawing up and presenting an econometric study according to the requirements of each Operational Program
• Follow-up of the whole evaluation process up to the final approval of the investment plan

The process of proper implementation begins with final approval, which is as follows:
• According to the Program Managing Authority, all required specifications must be met and all necessary forms and supporting documents must be submitted within the deadlines set by the Agency
• Writing progress reports and payment requests
• On-site inspection auctions represented by the consulting firm
• In the event of any modifications that may arise, assisting the business with our executives to provide the necessary documentation